Skocjan Caves 2016

In July 2016, together with geophysicist and speleologist Pavel Kalenda, we set out to explore the cave system of limestone caves in the Kras region of south-west Slovenia. Since for many years it was assumed that there would be a continuation of the cave on the upper floors, we decided to test it with our Roteg georadar.
The results of our survey eventually led to the discovery of new underground spaces by Slovenian cavemen in 2019. The main face of the presentation of the new discovery is the Slovenian caveman Luka Biščak, who mentions our research at the end of the RTV 4 report where the discovery is presented. Link to the report HERE

We presented the measurement results at the Speleophore meeting in April 2017.
Presentation of measured radarograms HERE

Sample of measured data