HiTech AlkCarb expedition Mongolia 2017

In September 2017, we, together with scientists from around the world, participated in an expedition to the south of Mongolia, where our georadar explored the HiTech AlkCarb project, which deals with the development of new geomodels and sustainable exploration methods for critical raw materials in alkaline igneous rocks and carbonatites.
Below is a video demonstration of measurement results at one of the most interesting and best mapped research sites. Radarograms are placed in a geological map, which was based on earlier surveys. Thanks to the results from the georadar we can see clear material transitions and their extent below the surface.

Quotation from an article in Lidové Noviny on March 17, 2018
"The Czechs also worked in Mongolia, where they found six promising places. Thanks to new approaches, but also to georadars developed by the Czech company RTGPR." We can look deeper than it used to be possible, although some people in the field do not believe us, "says Rudolf Tengler junior, whose father greatly improved the georadar."
The whole article can be downloaded in PDF