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Signal from the limestone depths of Blansko


This makes our georadar ROTEG really unique!

The deepest measurements made in the limestone bedrock by our georadar ROTEG in the Malá Dohoda quarry, using 6m antennas with a frequency of 25 MHz.

Measurement examples

GPS tracking

Georadar ROTEG records the GPS position with an accuracy of 1 meter. In a relatively short time, we can measure a larger area without having to accurately track each profile, and then locate the anomalies found, for example, in Google Earth, where you can assign a radargram with an anomaly to each GPS point. See below for a demonstration of a field survey in Vysočina.

Old wells and cellars

"I need to find an old well / cellar on the property." This is the kind of sentence we hear very often, as those are the most common surveys for individuals.

burried well

cellar with vaulted vault

Utility network tracing

When project plans do not match reality and the pipes / cables run elsewhere than expected. Do you want to make sure that you will not interrupt the utility lines during excavation?

how the trajectory of water conduit tracing might look :)

part of the radargram from tracing the water conduit

sewer pipe with a diameter of 600 mm

oblique crossing over city sewer

Underground tunnels

Does the castle lead to an underground passage? Do I have an underground passage on the property? We can answer these kinds of questions quickly. We are able to locate underground corridors to a depth of several tens of meters.

underground tunnel in clay bedrock

tunnel in the rock (4.5 m underground)


When searching for caves we cooperate with speleologists who have an overview of the situation in the karst areas and already know the famous caves very well. As we know the location of the already known caves, it makes it possible to compare and verify them with our measured data. Often in their surroundings, we can also find caves that have not been discovered - till now :)

exploration in the karst area of Blansko (Old Amateur Cave is captured at a depth of about 80 m - red arrow)

yet undiscovered cave at a depth of about 50 meters


Our customers:

Constructions (Strabag, Metrostav, Skanska, Granson, Cetus Plus etc.)

Inspections of pavement and subsoil (Viakontrol, University of Pardubice)

Scientific Institutions / Universities (Mendel University in Brno)

Sewerage and water supply (Termonta Praha, Zepris)

Water management (HG partner)

Geodesy (SK Geodeti, Geovia)

Crane work (Hanyš)

Real Estate (FM&S, Realing)

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